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Mindy's opponent is Republican John Reilly.
He was elected in 2016 after winning his primary by only 17 votes and without serious competition in the general election.
Representative Reilly's main avenue for communication with his constituents is through his official facebook page which can be accessed here:
He posts his personal "reasoning" for each vote to show that he "applies his principles consistently." 
He also regularly re-posts articles from Breitbart News and INFOWARS which are known to be tied to alt-right and white nationalist groups and are more opinion than fact based news sources.
 John likes to cast a dissenting vote, often the only one, and even when both parties agree, such as house bill 5850 to continue the successful OK to SAY hotline.
"An act to create the student safety act; to provide for confidential reports of potential harm or criminal activities directed at school students, school employees, and schools; to establish a hotline for filing those reports; to create the student safety fund and to provide for contributions to and expenditures from that fund; to prescribe the powers and duties of certain state officials and departments; to provide for procedures for the release of certain confidential information; to prescribe penalties; and to repeal acts and parts of acts," by repealing enacting section 1.

Representative John Reilly

May 8

I voted no on House Bill 5850, which would make permanent the once-temporary law creating the 24/7 school safety hotline. We already have 9-1-1, teachers, principals, guidance counselors, school resource officers, child protective services, not to mention parents to whom students can report problems. (Most of the complaints were allegations of bullying.) This is not, in my opinion, the proper role of the Attorney General, whose office administers the program. It passed 108 - 1 



Also, John proposes legislation that is tied to donations from the organizations that donate to his campaign. He has received donations from an anti-vaccine group called the "Michigan Vaccine Freedom PAC"



2017: Reilly Proposed Giving Control Of The Approval Process For Mandated Vaccines To The Legislature Instead Of The State Department Of Health And Human Services. ​“Both legislators fears are that state health agencies could go beyond the scope of Legislative intent for such vaccines. While the new legislation would not upend existing vaccine requirements, they would remove the ability of the Department of Health and Human Services to make rules related to vaccines without a directive from the Legislature in the future. A vote would now be required to make any new vaccine mandates or change existing requirements. “Authority regarding mandatory vaccinations is a power that needs to be in the proper hands,” Reilly said. “Forcing medicine onto the public is a slippery slope and not a decision that can be made lightly. When necessary, it is one that must be supported through unequivocal medical evidence and the highest level of concern for public safety.”” [The Peninsula, 12/4/17] 

2017: Reilly Signed An Open Letter With 18 Other State Representatives Thanking Trump For Withdrawing From The Paris Climate Deal, Calling The Decision “An Act Of Great Bravery.”​ [Michigan House Of Representatives, ​6/7/17​] 

2017: Reilly Supported Blocking Non-US Citizens From State Aid Programs.​ “Bills prohibiting non-U.S. citizens from receiving state financial aid 'unnecessary,' critics say... State Rep. John Reilly, R-Oakland 
Township, sponsored legislation this summer, says it is needed because "the tendency is, more and more, to allow illegal immigrants to take advantage of taxpayer funded programs."” [Grand Rapids Press, 8/29/17] 

4/2018: Reilly Called The Fact That Women Earn 23% Less Than Men For The Same Work A “Falsehood” ​[Facebook, ​4/10/18​]